As an actor, Sölvi Fannar gives it all he's got, and he has a lot to give!

Hiro Murai 

Director, She Wolf (David Guetta, feat. Sia)


Fredrik Hiller 

Director, Operation Ragnarök


Viking Extraordinaire!

Max Gold

Director, Beast

This is a note of appreciation for Mr Solvi Fannar who played the part of a Russian Don, Boris Popov in the film Three Dots and a Dash.

Solvi Fannar is an energetic actor with great skill in action and dramatic sequences. His deep voice commands authoritative roles and his dedication to work is exemplary. He maintains a muscular physique with his disciplined routine of workouts. He is a well read and a knowledgeable person and brings positive energy to any film set. Would love to work with him again! 

Kiran Valipa Venkat

Writer/Director, Three Dots and a Dash.

I am very pleased with Sölvi's performance...

Ásgrímur Sverrisson

Director, Reykjavík

​Sölvi Fannar ​​    Actor - Producer - Agent